How to Make Rapid Fat Loss Work for You

rapid fat loss

Looking to lose weight in a quick and healthy way?

Did you know that there are methods to lose weight fast that are backed scientifically?

If rapid fat loss is your goal, here is a guide that will explore how to make rapid loss work for you and your exercise regimen!

Why Rapid Fat Loss Rather Than Slow Loss?

No matter what weight loss program you decide upon, there is a serious benefit to consider when striving for rapid fat loss.

Contrary to popular suspicion, data from studies show that quick initial weight loss during a program actually improves long-term weight maintenance, rather than making it more difficult to maintain.

Understanding the Program

In order for rapid weight loss programs to work, you must understand how the timing of this type of training works.

In order to make this type of weight loss healthy and sustainable, remember that the regimen should not be carried over into long periods of time. Rapid fat loss occurs in short bursts with focused maintenance long-term.


All the exercise in the world won’t help you achieve your fat burning goals if your diet is not in order.

A healthy diet is one key to rapid weight loss. You could consider starting with a simple low-carb diet or a more restrictive ketogenic diet.

There are numerous food options available for people seeking quick weight loss. For example, the MEAL diet (created by Dr. Ted Naiman) consists of a daily intake of meat, eggs, added cooking fats, and leafy non-starch vegetables such as spinach.

Intermittent Fasting

Alongside your new diet plan, intermittent fasting is another way to achieve rapid weight loss.

You may be familiar with fasting as simply refraining from eating over a period of days. Intermittent fasting differs, as it restricts your fasting to shorter periods of time.

Many people practice intermittent fasting by committing to only eating during certain hours of the day. For example, you may choose to not have your first meal until noon and then be sure not to eat after 7 pm.

Exercise for Maintenance

While proper understanding, diet, and fasting are all important parts of a rapid weight loss program, maintenance is key.

As we mentioned above, rapid loss programs should not be continued over long periods of time. Instead, focus your energy on maintaining your weight with a proper exercise regimen.

Exercise can include anything from aggressive cardio, to weight training, to daily walking. Don’t be afraid to adapt your exercise routine as you measure results over time.

Consistent exercise, alongside a proper diet, will allow you to hold on to all the gains you achieved during the period of rapid weight loss.

Time To Burn Fat!

Now that you have some of the basics of a rapid fat loss program under your belt, you’re ready to start designing a regimen that will work for you!

Do you have friends or colleagues that have had success losing weight quickly?

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